1. What does the total price include?

Your total payment = product price + shipping fee + tax*

– The Discount code only applies to the product price, not the total price
– Shipping fee is calculated based on the shipping destination.
– Tax is only required in some countries, the detailed explanation can be found in the question below. Therefore, shipping fees and taxes will be added on the checkout page after you provide your shipping address.

2. Will I be charged with customs and taxes?

It depends on your shipping address because Tax and Customs fees are regulated by destination countries.

– Regarding Tax: prices displayed on our website have not yet included taxes, but you will be informed of the exact tax rate during your checkout before you complete the order.

Currently, European shipping addresses may have VAT tax added to the receipt during checkout. It has been regulated that all sales transactions of goods or services that are not part of the other levels will be applied to the standard VAT tax of 20%.

– Regarding Customs fee: This fee is only applied in certain countries. We cannot include it when you check out as it is managed and charged by the Customs at entry into your country. Your country’s Customs department will inform you if there is a charge.

3. Which currency will be used?

In Homepage, Product pages, and your Cart, the price shows in your currency so it can be easier for you to consider a purchase. However, once you reach the Checkout page, both your subtotal and Tax fee (if any) will be converted back to US dollars and you will be charged in US dollars.

4. Can I change my shipping address or design options after placing an order?

Yes, as long as the order is unprocessed, you can change the address or change your options/designs (name, color, quotes….) within the first 24 hours. Please contact us via our email support ([email protected]) so we can check and assist further. Kindly check this article and email us if you have any concerns or problems.

5. How do I cancel my order?

You will have 24hours after placing an order to cancel it. If you wish to cancel or change your order details, please email us. We will check and confirm if the order can be canceled.

Please keep in mind that any cancellation after 24 hours upon approval of the order will no longer be allowed.

6. Where do we ship from?

We are a US-based company operating with several fulfillment centers around the world. We have warehouses in the U.S, UK, Australia and Canada.

All orders are shipped from the warehouse closest to the shipping address as long as it has sufficient stock.

7. I need my order fast, do you guys provide expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping. Meanwhile, our standard shipping time has been locally optimized, you can take a look here.

8. I received an email from Anyhoodie that asked me to correct my shipping address. What is that?

In some cases, you may have filled the incorrect information on the checkout form, usually, it’s the postal code. Our system will detect incorrect information and contact you to request a modification.
Your order will be held until the shipping information is valid. If you have difficulties during this step, feel free to email us to get help.

9. Why are my items shipped separately?

If your order contains a variety of products, your items may be split up during the manufacturing process which leads to separate shipments. (Rest assured that you’re only charged one combined shipping fee for all the items in your order during checkout).

You will receive a shipping notification for each shipment in your order. If the second package does not arrive after a few next days, email us and you will be assisted right away.

10. Can I use multiple addresses on one order?

Unfortunately, each order will be shipped to 1 shipping address. If you want your items shipped to different addresses, kindly make separate orders.

11. What payments method I can use and can not use?

– Acceptable methods:
* Credit/Debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)
* Paypal

– Unacceptable methods:
* Personal checks
* Money orders
* Direct bank transfers
* Cash on delivery

12. Why can’t I complete payment to checkout?

There are several reasons that can lead to failed checkout. Make sure you have entered your payment information correctly. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

13. When will I get my tracking number?

Your tracking number will only be available when your order has been shipped, this usually takes between 5 – 7 business days after production. The tracking number may not update on the shipping company’s website. We advise you to wait another 5-7 business days for shipping details to be updated on the tracking site.

You will receive an email with the title “Order #Any**fulfilled” which contains your tracking link. If you missed this email, please contact us.

14. Why has the tracking status not been updated? What should I do?

Tracking information may not be updated immediately for some reasons, such as:

– The tracking number has just been created. After being sent out, your tracking number will need up to 7 business days to be updated due to delays between the scanning process and the website’s updates.

– The package may not be scanned until it reaches the regional hub near the destination.

– The package is in transit between the origin and the destination country. Once the package leaves the origin country the tracking information will not be updated until it reaches the destination country.

– The package arrived at the destination country. With international shipping, once the package lands in your country (destination), the tracking link will stop updating but it does not affect the delivery process.

However, if your tracking status has not been updated for over 10 business days, please contact us to be supported right away.